“We keep the promises they make”

Organic Food Processing

Anterra Group’s Food and Beverage Division is a leading supplier of sanitation products and process solutions to the organic juice, fruit and vegetable processing, egg and poultry industries. AnTerra Group is a life time member of the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). AnTerra Group technical representatives are well versed in the specialized processes involved in organic food farming, processing and preparation.

AnTerra delivers value through integrated comprehensive solutions that improve product quality, minimize risk of contamination, optimizes labor utilization and reduces operational costs and extending equipment life. Our approach to cleaning and sanitation is to provide customers with safe, secure, highly efficient products and programs which are authorized under the USDA National Standards on Organic Agricultural Production and Handling (NOP Rule). These programs can grow with each individual customer’s expanding needs.

AnTerra provides a full range of sanitation, water treatment and waste treatment products and services for the farm including; irrigation water oxidation programs, harvesting, transportation & equipment sanitation and waste pond treatment. AnTerra is the foremost supplier of flume wash water treatment based on numerous authorized microbiological oxidants including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and peracetic acid. AnTerra has developed unique processes/programs/products such as our HARVEST MAX products developed specifically for the cleaning of harvesting equipment used in organic farming and the BIOKLEEN VH Series products developed for organic shell egg cleaning. AnTerra is by far, the cleaning and sanitation industry leader in organic food processing.

As an AnTerra customer, you can rely on a company that keeps the promises others make, while continuing to deliver bottom line profits through proactive customer relations.

Organic Food Safety and Protection Programs

AnTerra supplies a comprehensive line of cleaning and sanitation products and services to the organic food processing industry. These include fruit and vegetable, egg, meat and poultry and juice. AnTerra can develop programs that provide reliable and efficient methods for maximizing food safety and protection all of which add up to value.

Liquid and Powdered Alkaline Cleaning and Sanitation Products:

  • High Alkaline Recirculating CIP Cleaners
  • High Alkaline Boil Out Cleaners
  • Alkaline, Chlorinated Foam Cleaners
  • Alkaline, Recirculating Chlorinated CIP Cleaners
  • Mild Alkaline Cleaner/Degreasers

Liquid Acid Cleaning and Sanitation Products:

  • Passivating Acids
  • Acid Recirculating CIP Cleaners
  • Foaming Acid Cleaners

Sanitizer Products:

  • Peracetic Acid
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Calcium Hypochlorite
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Ozone
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Specialty Products:

  • Egg Cleaners
  • Farm Harvesting Equipment Cleaners
  • Irrigation Equipment/Piping Cleaners and Sanitizers
  • Membrane Cleaners
  • Defoamers
  • Hand Sanitizers/Soap
  • Transportation Cleaners