“We keep the promises they make”

Cleaning & Sanitation

Anterra Group’s Food and Beverage Division is a leading supplier of sanitation products and process solutions to the food and beverage, fruit and vegetable processing, egg and poultry, meat, dairy, and pet foods industries. AnTerra delivers value through integrated comprehensive solutions that improve product quality, minimize risk of contamination, optimizes labor utilization, reduces operational costs and extending equipment life.

Programs Designed Specifically for You

Our approach to cleaning and sanitation is to provide customers with safe, secure, highly efficient programs which can grow and change with each individual customers expanding needs.

AnTerra provides products and technical services from the field to the home. AnTerra is the foremost developer and supplier of cleaning and sanitation products and technologies in the fruit and vegetable processing industries both conventional and organic production and treatment of vegetable flume wash water treatment based on numerous microbiological oxidants including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and peracetic acid.

AnTerra has developed unique processes/programs/products for conveyor lubrication, enzyme cleaner, low alkaline cleaning, evaporator cleaning, membrane cleaning and shell egg cleaning. AnTerra is by far the industry leader in bilingual training of plant personnel. As an AnTerra customer, you can rely on a company that keeps the promises others make, while continuing to deliver bottom line profits through proactive customer relations.

Supplying Comprehensive Solutions

AnTerra supplies a comprehensive line of cleaning and sanitation products and services to a diverse industrial marketplace. These include fruit and vegetable, tomato processing and canning, egg, meat and poultry, juice and beverage, farming, pet food and dairy. AnTerra can develop programs that provide reliable and efficient methods for maximizing food safety and protection all of which add up to value.

Liquid and Powdered Alkaline Cleaning and Sanitation Products:

  • High Alkaline Recirculating CIP Cleaners
  • High Alkaline Boil Out Cleaners
  • Alkaline, Chlorinated Foam Cleaners
  • Alkaline, Recirculating Chlorinated CIP Cleaners
  • Mild Alkaline Cleaner/Degreasers

Liquid Acid Cleaning and Sanitation Products:

  • Passivating Acids
  • Acid Recirculating CIP Cleaners
  • Foaming Acid Cleaners

Sanitizer Products:

  • Peracetic Acid
  • Quaternary Ammonium Chloride
  • Acid Anionics
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Chlorine Dioxide

Specialty Products:

  • Egg Cleaners
  • Conveyor Lubricants
  • Tomato Evaporator Cleaners
  • Membrane Cleaners
  • Defoamers
  • Hand Sanitizers/Soap
  • Laboratory Glassware Cleaners
  • Farm Equipment Cleaners
  • Transportation Cleaners