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Introducing, the GENESIS ACO2 pH Control System

Tree FrogAnterra Group has developed a patented* application method designed to utilize carbon dioxide to optimize chlorine in fruit and vegetable wash systems. The Genesis ACO2 System replaces conventional food grade acids such as citric with CO2 a safer, greener and less costly approach to control pH in chlorine or surfactant based wash systems.
* Patent #8420143

Benefits of the System

  • Easy to use gas system. Can be readily applied to flumes, dip tanks, or spray bars.
  • Cannot be overfed, will only reduce pH to approximately 5.5.
  • Gas is colorless, tasteless, food grade and meets organic standards.
  • Improves chlorine efficacy.
  • Easily controlled by standard pH control methods.
  • Cost effective, savings of up to 30% can be realized over citric acid based systems.
  • Reduces solids discharge and EC
  • Non-corrosive to most common metals.
  • Completely biodegradable will not harm waste water systems.
  • Can be used in conjunction with chlorine or food grade surfactants.